iZettle revolutionised small business electronic payments, taking Sweden close to becoming a cashless society. How soon will you go cashless, too?

Listen to this episode of Future Europe if you want to know:

  • How a Swedish company expanded small business electronic payments for shops and cafés to sell their products
  • How cash-free is Sweden? Very. Hear how that happened
  • How the European Investment Bank gave early support to the small business electronic payments infrastructure company
  • … and which film deserved the 1973 Best Picture Oscar

Future Europe gives you a glimpse into what the world will be like soon by showing you what some companies, public sector organizations and non-profits are working on. All the projects we look at on Future Europe are made possible by loans or grants from the EU, in particular from the European Investment Bank, the EU bank. So one of the things that we consider in every episode is the link between a prosperous sustainable future and the European Union.

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