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    jun 2018

    One-day at a Kindergarten

    As part of the European Union Sustainable Energy week 2018 in Armenia, the European Investment Bank (EIB) in association with the Municipality of Yerevan and the European Union Delegation to Armenia as main contributor of the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environmental Partnership Fund, (E5P Fund) co-hosted an awareness-raising event about the Yerevan Energy Efficiency project. The event also witnessed the signing of an E5P Grant Agreement for EUR 5 million to support the Municipality of Yerevan in their efforts to introduce advanced energy efficiency technologies. The proposed E5P grant of EUR 5m will thus make affordable among others the implementation of the refurbishments and renewable energy measures as well as carry positive social and environmental benefits.

    The event took place on 8th June 2018 at 11.00 in a kindergarten that will be renovated under the project. It consisted of the presentation of the project, which foresees that over 140 kindergartens will benefit from a mix of deep renovations by 2020, such as comprehensive energy efficiency retrofitting and refurbishment of the building envelope as well as seismic resilience measures. In parallel, a young public received a training on how to save energy in every-day life.