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    The annual World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF), a global initiative of Finland and the Finnish Innovation Fund (Sitra), presents the world’s leading circular economy solutions with business leaders, policymakers and experts participating from around the world.

    This year’s edition focused on the ambitious action to accelerate the circular economy transition and to promote circular solutions for nature and the economy.

    Vice-President Ambroise Fayolle led the European Investment Bank’s participation, showcasing our support to the transition towards a circular economy. Find out more about our participation.


    EIB participation

    30 May

    • Unlocking finance for a circular and regenerative economy, 13:30-14:45 (local time) – with the participation of Nicola Pochettino, Director of the environment and natural resources department.
      The session explored the role of road maps for the financial sector as a mechanism to tackle challenges and drive coherent action towards de-risking investment in circular initiatives globally. Representatives of multilateral banking institutions, the private sector, national governments and local decision makers shared their experiences of the opportunities and challenges of investing in our circular future.

    31 May

    1 June

    • Cities and regions accelerating the circular transition , 10:00-11:30 (local time)
      Cities and regions may ask why they should strive to be circular, how they can start and progress in their circular journey, what benefit this will bring and who can support them. This session provided the answers to all these questions, with cities and regions sharing inspirational examples and experiences.
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