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    The United Nations General Assembly will convene a high-level plenary meeting on addressing large movements of refugees and migrants on 19 September 2016.

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    This is the first time the UN General Assembly has called for a summit at the Heads of State and Government level on large movements of refugees and migrants - a historic opportunity to come up with a blueprint for a better international response.

    The European Investment Bank will take part in this event. EIB President Werner Hoyer will present the recent migration-related efforts of the EU Bank at a roundtable about “International action and cooperation on refugees and migrants and issues related to displacement: the way ahead.” The roundtable will be hosted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Queen Rania of Jordan.

    This UN Summit is a watershed moment to strengthen governance of international migration and a unique opportunity for creating a more responsible, predictable system for responding to large movements of refugees and migrants.