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    After an extended hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Private Art Kirchberg (PAK) returned on Sunday, 25 September 2022 for an exciting day of cultural and architectural discovery!

    The European Investment Bank opened its doors for the 2022 edition to art lovers and the curious public with its latest exhibition Unravelling, which showcased socially-engaged and climate-conscious contemporary art.

    The exhibition featured many of today’s most exciting artists: Kapwani Kiwanga, Taysir Batniji and Yan Pei Ming, featured alongside emerging talent. The artworks encouraged us to search for a deeper understanding of the complexities and riches of European identity. They invited emotional, intellectual and political growth.

    Private Art Kirchberg was an open-day event for corporate art collections based on the Kirchberg plateau. Started in 2006, it gives the public an opportunity to visit private collections comprising paintings, sculptures, video art, photographs and architecture held by several companies and institutions, providing a new perspective on a neighbourhood that is usually known as a business or shopping district.

    Other participants for this edition included Allen&Overy, Arendt, Clearstream, Deutsche Bank Luxembourg, Fonds Kirchberg and UBS. In addition to the artistic programming at each participating venue, visitors were able to take part in guided tours of the public art on display along Boulevard JFK, organised by Fonds Kirchberg.

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