Narodowy Bank Polski
Warsaw, Poland

As part of a series of events organised to debate current trends in investment and investment finance at the national level in different EU Member States, the EIB is co-organising a half-day conference on “Investment and Investment Finance in Poland and the EU” together with the National Bank of Poland (NBP).   

The annual EIB Survey on Investment and Investment Finance (EIBIS) is an EU-wide survey that gathers qualitative and quantitative information from 12,500 SMEs and larger non-financial companies in all 28 EU Member States on investment activities, their financing sources and needs, and challenges that businesses face. The EIBIS reveals that although investment is recovering in Europe, that recovery is slow and uneven among countries and asset classes. Understanding the reasons behind this slow recovery in investment is key to defining appropriate intervention policies. This year the EIBIS was complemented with a one-off municipal survey, where we asked local authorities about their investment needs and their barriers to capital accumulation.

In Poland, the macroeconomic outlook remains stable and promising. Nevertheless, important structural issues have to be overcome to secure Poland’s long-term convergence towards the EU. Poland’s robust growth performance over the past 25 years went along with very low investment, and significant gaps in the capital stock remain. To maintain its economic momentum, Poland needs to shift its growth model. This will require focus on productivity, with strong private and public investment into the foundations of a knowledge-based economy. In parallel, the financing side has also need to supportive.

At our joint NBP-EIB conference, we will discuss whether market participants and economists see room for improvement in fostering investment, in particular into the enabling factors of a knowledge-based economy. We will also discuss the role of the public sector, both at central and municipal level, in supporting the knowledge-based economy. Amongst our high-level experts and eminent practitioners, we will discuss the funding framework for business investment in general and the situation of innovative SMEs and start-ups in particular.

If you wish to attend this event or for any questions, please send an email to events@eib.org.