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    The EIB Group, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in Spain and the Basque Government, hosted a corporate seminar to present the extensive range of financial support available to innovative businesses in Spain.

    The half-day conference was open to the top management of innovative companies (from large SMEs to corporates) in the automotive, ICT, biotech and other innovative industrial sectors, as well as financial intermediaries, innovation agencies and industry associations.

    The morning seminar consisted of a keynote speech for the Lehendakari, a series of concise product presentations followed by several illustrative case studies. In addition, a networking lunch provided an excellent opportunity to network with the EIB and EIF operational teams. 

    For those unfamiliar with the Innovation Finance (InnovFin) range, we have specially designed products for:

    • banks and financial intermediaries;
    • mid-sized and large innovative business; and
    • large research and innovation projects emanating from universities and public research organisations, among others.

    We also offer specialist financing for:

    • first-of-a-kind commercial-scale demonstration projects in the fields of renewable energy and hydrogen and fuel cells;
    • project developers of vaccines, drugs, medical and diagnostic devices or novel research infrastructures for infectious diseases that have successfully completed the pre-clinical stage working.

    Lastly, we can also offer advisory services to mid-sized and large companies investing in innovation, so that they can be better prepared to access EIB financing and/or other sources. These services include review of business plan, capital structure and financing plans.