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    In collaboration with the French Banking Federation and the French Corporate Treasurers' Association (Association Française des Trésoriers d'Entreprise - AFTE), the EIB Group organised an interactive seminar on the financial products developed for innovative businesses in France.

    The seminar consisted of a presentation of the range of products available, followed by feedback from partner banks and companies that have received EIB support. The programme for this event included detailed presentations of the different products, complemented by case studies involving representatives from the business community and a workshop facilitated by the beneficiaries of InnovFin funds.

    The objective of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Investment Fund (EIF) is to step up considerably their support for research and innovation in Europe during the next few years. In France, EUR 1 billion on average was channeled into these sectors over the last three years and there is enormous potential for increasing this effort. In addition, the new investment plan for the European Union, which is currently being defined, aims to offer new products while simultaneously strengthening cooperation with financial institutions in the private sector in order to promote additional investment in research and innovation.