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    Hydrogen has recently emerged to play a key role in a climate-neural economy. Green hydrogen produced with renewable electricity is a zero-emission energy carrier. Among other measures, green and low-carbon hydrogen can help decarbonize high-emitting sectors, including the steel, chemical and transport sectors.

    Against this background, there is a debate about the risks, benefits, competitiveness and sustainability of low-carbon hydrogen. While this debate is taking place at the level of individual EU Member States, for the development of a harmonized European hydrogen economy, it is desirable to foster exchange on this topic at the European level, notably from the sustainable finance perspective.


    Welcome by Mikolaj Dowgielewicz

    Keynote Speakers

    Kitti Nyitrai

    Cabinet of Kadri Simson Commissioner for Energy,

    European Commission


    Roland Schulze

    Managerial Advisor and Lead engineer, Projects Department,

    European Investment Bank


    Dr Johannes Truby (TBC)

    Director, Economic Advisory, Energy markets & modelling



    Lina Strandvåg Nagell

    Sustainable Finance & Economy Manager,

    Bellona Europa aisbl



    Adam Brown
    Managing Practice Development Lawyer,

    Dentons UK and Middle East LLP