Banque de France – Centre de Conférences 31 rue Croix-des-Petits-Champs, 75001 Paris
France, Paris

The annual EIB Survey on Investment and Investment Finance (EIBIS) is an EU-wide survey that gathers qualitative and quantitative information from 12 500 SMEs and larger non-financial companies in all 28 EU Member States on investment activities, their financing sources and needs, and challenges that businesses face. The EIBIS reveals that although investment is recovering in Europe, that recovery is slow and uneven among countries and asset classes. Understanding the reasons behind this slow recovery in investment is key to defining appropriate intervention policies. This year, the EIBIS was complemented with a one-off municipal survey, where we asked local authorities about their investment needs and their barriers to capital accumulation.

The first panel session titled ‘Beyond the cycle to invest for the next generation’ will focus on the state of play of investment developments in France, mostly in the private sector though not only, with the aim to analyse to what extent firms have a forward looking approach and which gaps and impediments to finance still exist. Ultimately, panellists will discuss what the needs are for a 'steady growth' in France. The second part of the seminar will focus on the role of banks and the need for ‘growth capital’ in the panel session ‘Investment finance beyond bank debit: between market and policy impulses’.

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