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    The European Investment Bank and Österreichische Nationalbank hosted a hybrid seminar, "Financing the energy system of the future".

    Recent energy supply shocks and concomitant price volatility stressed the importance of energy for production and investment. EIB surveys show that energy costs are a major barrier to investment for many Austrian firms. 

    A discussion with leading experts in the field of the future energy system in Austria took place at this event, the objective was to explore which investment options are available, what are the funding needs of firms, and what kind of financing instruments are best for such large long-term infrastructure projects.

    Speakers included:

    • Thomas Östros, Vice-President, European Investment Bank
    • Matteo Ferrazzi, Senior economist, European Investment Bank
    • Robert Holzmann, Governor, Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)
    • Debora Revoltella, Chief Economist, European Investment Bank
    • Marina Delcheva, Economics editor
    • Hannes Mösenbacher, Chief Risk Officer, Raiffeisen Bank International 
    • Oliver Picek, Chief Economist, Momentum Institut
    • Karina Knaus, Head of Economy, Consumers and Prices, Austrian Energy Agency
    • Michael Strebl, Chairman of the Board of Management, Wien Energie
    • Birgit Niessner, Director, Oesterreichische Nationalbank