Brussels, Belgium

The 9th FEMIP ministerial meeting took take place on July, 7th 2009 in Brussels. Finance ministers from the 27 EU Member States and Mediterranean countries discussed the support for economic development provided by FEMIP in a difficult economic situation and examined the strategic goals for 2009-2011. Ministers also discussed the contribution FEMIP is making to the objectives fixed in the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean launched in Paris a year ago, notably: Mediterranean Solar Plan, Motorways of the Sea and Land, Depollution of the Mediterranean. The Bank was represented by President Philippe Maystadt and Vice-President Philippe de Fontaine Vive.

Since the launch of FEMIP in 2002, Mediterranean partner countries have been closely involved in EIB’s lending policies in the region. Ministerial meetings take place on an annual basis and provide Euro-Mediterranean Finance Ministers with a formal framework for discussing policies that enable regional development.