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    nov 2019
    European Investment Bank
    100, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer

    Welcome to the Central Banks Seminar of the European Investment Bank.

    EIB's Capital Markets Department is organising its first seminar dedicated to Central Bank reserve managers to debate the main investment opportunities and the impact of European market events.

    The seminar will also feature the most recent progress in sustainable green finance and other relevant innovative initiatives.

    This is a two-day seminar that takes place on 25 November from 12.00 to 19.00 and on 26 November from 9.00 to 16.00. The programme includes opportunities for networking and will feature one on one meetings (speed-dating meetings of around '20 min each) on both the first and the second day of the conference. We also welcome participants to take part in the guided tour of Luxembourg which will take place on 25 November in the morning.

    Click here to consult the full conference programme

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    This is a closed-door event; participation is by invitation only. For more information about the conference and the registration procedure, please contact

    Conference venue: both days of the conference take place at the headquarters of the European Investment Bank, located on 100, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer in Luxembourg.

    The closest airport is Luxembourg’s ‘Findel’, which can be reached in less than 20 minutes driving from EIB.

    EIB will compensate carbon emissions generated by participants’ flights to attend the Seminar through a donation that will finance solar home systems in schools in Kenya, enabling enhanced access to education with clean energy. The donation will be made to d.light, a global leader and pioneering in delivering affordable solar-powered solutions designed for the developing world.

    Click here to consult the logistics

    Click here to consult the full conference programme

    The central bank seminar takes place back-to-back with EIB’s Annual Economic Conference. The Annual Economic Conference is organised in cooperation with Columbia University, OECD and SUERF (The European Monetary and Finance Forum) under the title ‘Striving for competitiveness and inclusion: what policies for Europe?’ Click here for more information on the conference.

    Visit our website for the complete overview of EIB events.