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    The European Investment Bank is participating in the United Nations Climate Change conference COP28 in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December 2023.

    At COP28, countries, companies, financial institutions and civil society are coming together to affirm their will to tackle the climate challenge through concerted and collaborative action.

    EIB President Werner Hoyer and Vice-Presidents Ambroise Fayolle, Thomas Östros and Gelsomina Vigliotti are leading our delegation of experts.

      Are you attending COP28? Visit our delegation at the BENELUX-EIB pavilion in the Blue Zone. We will also be hosting events at the Joint MDB Pavillion in the Blue Zone.

      Check this space for updates on EIB's participation at COP28

    Key events

    Find below a selection of our key events in the margins of the COP28 summit.

    02 December

    • Mobilisation of the private sector for climate finance - with Vice-President Fayolle
        EIB/Benelux pavilion, 10:30-12:00 GMT+1
        Watch the livestream
    • Blue Economy Mediterranean Partnership – with Vice-President Fayolle
        Swedish pavilion, 15:00-16:00 GMT+1
      Following the announcement of the creation of the Blue Mediterranean Partnership at COP27 by the EIB, the EBRD and the Union for the Mediterranean, this event will formally launch the Partnership with the signature of a memorandum of understanding. Pledges by donors will also be made.
        More info

    03 December

    • Water resources management – with Vice-President Fayolle
        Spanish pavilion, 11:30-12:30 GMT+1
      During this event, experts, policymakers and stakeholders will discuss water scarcity management and climate change adaptation, and how to address the multifaceted challenges of dwindling water resources in the face of global warming.
    • Climate and Health Finance: Strengthening the Role of Development Banks and Finance Institutions – with Vice-President Östros
        COP28 Presidency pavilion, 12:15-13:15 GMT+1
      The high-level event is convening Development Banks and country leaders to discuss the role of Development Banks and the private sector to maximise finance at the pace and scale needed to sustainably finance a people-centered approach for climate and health action.
    • Public Development Banks working as a system: innovation and knowledge to unlock climate finance at scale – with Vice-President Fayolle
        Joint MDB pavilion, 12:30-15:00 GMT+1
      The event is gathering high-level speakers representing the community of Public Development Banks that supported the organisation of the successful FiCS 2023 edition. They are presenting the key outcome of the Summit as highlighted in the FiCS Annual Report to be launched during the event and which includes the proposed roadmap and concrete deliverables.

    05 December

    • Accelerating a just transition and just resilience globally – with Vice-President Fayolle
        EIB/Benelux pavilion, 08:30-10:00 GMT+1
      This event will focus on experiences and opportunities of accelerating a just transition and just resilience globally with voices from both developed and emerging markets. It will feature the launch of EIB Global’s approach to support a just transition and a just resilience globally.
        Watch the livestream
    • The role of European private equity in promoting innovation & technologies for the green transition - with Vice-Presidents Vigliotti and Fayolle
        Joint MDB pavilion, 14:30-16:00 GMT+1
      Panel event organised by the EIF with equity fund managers and external speakers on supporting transition finance through equity instruments.
        Watch the livestream
        About EIB Global

    06 December

    • Benelux countries paving the way for a Global Hydrogen Market - with Vice-President Fayolle
        EIB/Benelux pavilion, 06:30-08:00 GMT+1
        Watch the livestream

    09 December

    • Scaling up nature-based solutions for climate, people and the planet – with Vice-President Fayolle
        EU pavilion, 06:30-08:00 GMT+1
      The high-level event aims at raising awareness about the increasing number of initiatives on NbS, and to identify instruments for scaling-up and increasing investment in the design and implementation of nature-based solutions (NbS). High-level speakers and panelists are sharing experiences and discuss opportunities and challenges, obstacles and opportunities, of investing in NbS for climate action as well as other co-benefits.
        More info

    10 December

    • Building Climate and conflict resilience through sustainable water and land management – with Vice-President Fayolle
        EU pavilion, 06:30-08:00 GMT+1
      The high-level event aims to address the interlinkage between environmental crises, present and discuss water and land management solutions that increase local resilience capacities and promote inclusive water and land management that reduce the risk of new tensions in the green transition.
        More info
    • Accelerating the financing of the circular economy in climate and biodiversity strategies – with Vice-President Fayolle
        EU pavilion, 08:00-09:00 GMT+1
      The circular economy offers solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss at the source. It's time to mobilise financing to accelerate the circular economy. While sustainable tools like green bonds and impact investing can support circularity, unlocking the circular economy's financing potential remains a challenge. Collaboration between the circular community, policy-makers and financial institutions is vital for progress in financing the circular transition, especially as perceptions of risks persist.
        More info
    • Breaking the Silos: How the Gap Fund Fosters Cooperation along the Project Preparation Cycle – with Vice-President Fayolle, 12:30-14:00 GMT+1
        Watch the livestream
        About the City Climate Gap Fund

    You can also check the full agenda of the events in the EIB/Benelux pavillion and in the Joint MDB pavillion.

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