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    The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), a leading global network on best practice of impact assessment, held its virtual 40th annual conference on 18-21 May 2021.

    The EIB, a corporate member of the IAIA, contributed to the conference as an institutional partner. We organised the European Forum – a series of four events – focusing on the following topics:

    • progress in the climate, environmental and social agenda of European multilateral financial institutions (MFIs) in the light of the latest policy developments,
    • best practices in sustainable finance, and
    • fostering dialogue around emerging issues in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risk management.

    We partnered with the European Commission and the EBRD for the European Forum and featured distinguished speakers from a broad range of stakeholders, including financial institutions, impact assessment practitioners, public authorities and academia.

    Watch EIB Vice-President Fayolle's invitation to the Forum

    Agenda – European Forum and other sessions

    European Forum

    Chair: Stephen O’Driscoll, Head of Environment, Climate and Social Policy, EIB


    • Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea, Director for Implementation and Support to the EU Member States,  DG Environment, European Commission
    • Dr Alistair Clark, Managing Director, Environment and Sustainability, EBRD  
    • Eva Mayerhofer, Lead Environment and Biodiversity Specialist, EIB
    • Juan Palerm, Team leader for DG INTPA’s Environment and Climate Change Mainstreaming Facility

    The session discussed the latest developments regarding International Financial Institutions' (IFIs) approaches to ESG and focused on how the new policies trigger a comprehensive approach by integrating governance and equality issues in the environmental and social aspects throughout the project cycle.

    Watch the recording

    Chair: Nancy Saich, Chief Climate Change Expert, EIB


    • Andreas Barkman, Socio-Economic Analysis programme, European Environment Agency (EEA)
    • Jorim Schraven, Director of Impact and ESG Department, FMO, Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank
    • Helena Viñes Fiestas, Rapporteur of Subgroup 5, EU Platform on Sustainable Finance
    • Dr. Zsuzsa Banhalmi-Zakar, Lecturer, Corporate Environmental Management, James Cook University

    Based on the EU’s High Level Expert Group recommendations, the European Commission has issued the Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth. The Action Plan aims at reorienting and increasing capital flows towards a more sustainable economy, mainstreaming sustainability into risk management and fostering transparency and long-termism. What does this mean for IFIs and Impact Assessment practitioners?

    Watch the recording

    Chair: Hakan Lucius, Head of Corporate Responsibility, EIB


    • Prof. Dr. Stefano Battiston, Professor of Banking, University of Zurich
    • Julie Becker, CEO, Luxembourg Stock Exchange
    • Katie Schmitz-Eulitt, Director of Investor Outreach, SASB
    • Stéphane Voisin, Head of Sustainable Finance Research Program, Institut Louis Bachelier

    Following the substantial changes of the EU policy framework on Sustainable Finance, the sector is increasingly moving towards mainstreaming environmental, social and governance considerations throughout their strategies and processes. This session focused on best practices in implementing sustainable finance, based on examples from leading financial players in Europe and beyond.

    Watch the recording

    Session available only to IAIA conference participants

    Chair: James Lea-Cox, Senior Environmental Advisor, EBRD


    • Kevin D’Souza, Vice-President, Security, Sustainability & Environment, Centerra Gold
    • Yasmine Pagni, Head of Social Policy, EIB
    • Amy Sexton, Independent Social Performance and Sustainability Consultant
    • Paul Wilkinson, Consultant at SLR

    As a condition of financing, IFI-financed projects must adhere to a set of stringent environmental, social and governance (ESG) safeguards. This session explored emerging issues that the banks and their clients are currently facing.

    Other sessions

    The EIB and other IFIs co-organised a session about lessons learnt about the assessment and monitoring of environmental and social (E&S) impacts, based on the handling of environmental and social complaints by their accountability function.

    The EIB also participated in a session focusing on building sustainable project pipelines in infrastructure finance, organised by DG INTPA.

    More information on the sessions