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Werner Hoyer, President, EIB, Paulette Lenert, Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, Luxembourg and Pierre Gramegna, Minister for Finance, Luxembourg. ©Caroline Martin/EIB

Donors were invited to a first-of-its-kind EIB Donors Roundtable at our headquarters in Luxembourg on 13 November 2019. The roundtable took place in the margins of the second Donors in Action conference. Following the creation of the new Financial Inclusion Fund in front of conference participants, the Roundtable session dived into the topic of financial inclusion.

Donors were encouraged to share their experience of the microfinance sector and discussed meaningful ways to strengthen the development of microfinance services. Microfund for Women’s non-financial services manager Hanan Al-Tabari, a potential beneficiary of the new fund, provided a first-hand account of her work in Jordan. Participants also received a presentation of the Financial Inclusion Fund from the EIB and representatives of Luxembourg, the Fund initiator and first contributor. Participants gained insight into how partnering with a broader donor community can provide effective tools, such as technical assistance and other financial instruments, and enhance impact in beneficiary countries, thus contributing to increased financial inclusion.