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    The EU Bank will take part in COP22, the annual meeting of global leaders and climate action specialists. Nations from around the world will negotiate and shape their contributions to reduce carbon emissions and promote climate-resilient growth in Europe as well as in developing and emerging countries. This year, the conference will be held in Marrakech, Morocco from 7 to 18 November.

    Jonathan Taylor, EIB Vice-President responsible for climate action and energy will be in Marrakech to explain how the EU Bank can help the global community fight climate change and implement the Paris Agreement.

    He and EIB experts will also detail how dedicated EIB initiatives are also addressing the particular climate challenges of North Africa and the Middle East  – and the African continent as a whole – above all when it comes to energy, water and sustainable land use.

    Senior experts from the EIB’s climate team will also lay out how innovative climate finance can help unlock private sector investment and raise the “trillions” the world needs to put Paris into practice. They will also detail how the EIB’s 50 year experience in climate action projects around the world make it well placed to help lead the partnership of international financial institutions for climate action. 

    The EIB will also have an exhibit booth where delegates can learn more about our climate action activities.

    News from COP