25 may
- 27 may
Cologne, Germany

As part of the global effort to mobilise climate change action, finance and market solutions following COP21 in Paris and the commitments made, world leaders, governments, progressive business leaders, civil society and other stakeholders from around the world will gather together for the 13th Carbon Expo. 

This is the world’s largest professional event providing the perfect platform for intelligence gathering, discussions and business development focusing on carbon markets, climate finance and low carbon technology incentives across the globe. It will also be an informative lead up to the COP22 in Marrakesh. 

The three day event will bring representatives together from a wide array of sectors including that of the EIB. 

Christopher Knowles, Head of the EIB Climate Change and Environment Division will discuss ‘Leveraging Private Capital for Climate-Smart Growth’, asking such questions how to best mobilise and scale huge sums of private capital with limited multilateral funds to not only meet but exceed Paris Agreement climate finance targets. 

EIB Investment Officer Martin Berg will share his knowledge on ‘Enabling and Greening the Financial Sector’ at a workshop exploring the expanding green finance toolkit. 

Alongside EIB experts, a stall will also be run to showcase how the bank is working towards commitments made at COP21 and to share knowledge about the importance of green financing. 

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