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    Philippe Maystadt, President and Philippe de Fontaine Vive, Vice President, will present the EIB’s 2007 activities, the perspectives and major challenges for 2008. This will be followed by a question/answer session.

    Coffee will be available from 10:00 in the patio, when you can also meet senior EIB executives and press officers. There will be drinks and snacks after the press conference.

    Admission to the conference is by invitation. To facilitate your accreditation, you are kindly requested to register, either by e-mail at or by fax to +352 / 4379 61000, specifying your contact details: media, first name and last name, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers.

    All requests for interviews should be addressed to Sabine Parisse, Head of Unit - Press Office (tel. +352 4379 8 3340 – E-mail ).

    After the press conference, the following information will be available on this page:

    • Full package of documentation [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • Press release containing the main highlights [HTML], [pdf DE], [pdf EN], [pdf FR]
    • Review of financing in 2007 by country/region [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • Background Notes on key topics:
      • Promoting convergence – economic and social cohesion [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Promoting innovation [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • EIB transport policy and trans-European transport networks (TENs) [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Promoting small and medium-sized enterprises [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • The SME consultation process [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Environmental sustainability [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • EIB scales up its support for EU energy objectives [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Reaching out to candidate and potential candidate countries [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • FEMIP, serving our neighbours to the South [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Russia and the Eastern Neighbours [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • The ACP partner countries [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Partner countries in Asia and Latin America [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • EIB capital market operations in 2007 [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Transparency and relations with civil society [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • The Post 2012 Carbon Credit Fund [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • Photographs of the conference: