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    Philippe Maystadt, President of the EIB, and Wolfgang Roth, Vice President, will present the EIB's activities in 2005 and outline the prospects and major challenges for 2006. This will be followed by a question/answer session.

    After the press conference, the following information will be available on this page:

    • Press release containing the main highlights [HTML], [pdf DE], [pdf EN], [pdf FR],
    • Review of financing in 2005 by country/region [DE], [EN], [FR],
    • Background Notes on key topics:
      • Economic and Social Cohesion [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Innovation 2010 Initiative (i2i) [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Development of the Trans-European Networks (TENs) [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • The EIB's environmental activities in 2005 [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • EIB Group support for SMEs [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Human Capital [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • FEMIP [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • ACP/Cotonou Agreement [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Asia and Latin America (ALA) [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • EIB Capital Market Operations in 2005 [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Transparency policy, Governance and relations with NGOs [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • European Investment Fund [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • Photographs of the conference: