Thursday 3 February at 10:30 at the Residence Palace, International Press Centre (Rue de la Loi, 155, B-1040 Brussels)
Belgium, Brussels

Philippe Maystadt, President of the EIB, and Wolfgang Roth, Vice President, will present the Bank's 2004 activities and perspectives for 2005. This will be followed by a question/answer session.

Please note that admission to the conference is by invitation only. Media representatives have to register by e-mail (press@eib.org) or by fax (+352 43 79 31 88).

All requests for interviews should be addressed to Sabine Parisse, Senior Information Officer (tel. +352 43 79 31 38, s.parisse@eib.org).

After the conference, the following information will be available on this page:

  • Press release containing the main highlights [HTML], [pdf DE], [pdf EN], [pdf FR],
  • Review of financing in 2004 by country/region [DE], [EN], [FR],
  • Background Notes on key topics:
    • Economic and Social Cohesion - Regional Development [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • i2i (Innovation 2010 Initiative) [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • Development of the Trans-European Networks (TENs) [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • The EIB's environmental activities in 2004 [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • EIB Group support for SMEs [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • Human Capital [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • FEMIP - Mediterranean Partner Countries [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • EIB activity in the future Member States in 2004 [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • Western Balkans region [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • ACP/Cotonou Agreement [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • Asia and Latin America (ALA) [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • EIB's activities in Russia [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • EIB Capital Market Operations in 2004 [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • Transparency policy, Governance and relations with NGOs [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • European Investment Fund [DE], [EN], [FR]
  • Photographs taken at the event: [01], [02], [03], [04], [05], [06] (Luxembourg: [01], [02]).