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    The EIB at your side

    The European Investment Bank (EIB) is with you from when you leave your home in the morning to when you return at night. Our financing plays a vital role in supporting a range of projects in Europe and beyond, from innovation to climate action. 

    "At the European Investment Bank, we wholeheartedly serve the strategic interests of the Union at home and around the world. The funding and expertise we bring breathe life into concrete projects. Our investments in climate action, innovation and sustainable development not only align with European interests but leave a lasting impact on the global stage, shaping a more prosperous and resilient future."

    Werner Hoyer

    EIB President

    Our work

    We support sustainable projects that are good for people and the planet. We finance the green transition. We provide unwavering support for Ukraine.


    Massive backing for the Ukrainian people

    We gave immediate assistance to Ukraine after Russia’s invasion, disbursing €1.7 billion in financing last year to repair infrastructure ravaged by bombs. We are stepping up our work in Ukraine, in line with our mandate from EU leaders and in close cooperation with the European Commission, the European Parliament and international partners.

      Sector: All sectors 
      Loan amount: €1.7 billion 


    Leonardo’s breakthrough tech tackles today’s most pressing challenges

    Leonardo, an Italian high-tech company, is tackling some of today’s most pressing challenges with its breakthrough technology. Through our Strategic European Security Initiative (SESI), we are supporting their research, development and innovation in several areas, including helicopters, security, IT infrastructure, commercial electronics, space and Leonardo Labs.

      Sector: Innovation
      Loan amount: €260 million


    Accelerating the green transition with Iberdola

    We are working with Iberdola to accelerate the green transition with a €1 billion loan to build a network of 19 solar panel plants and three onshore wind farms in Spain, Portugal and Germany. The deal is part of REPowerEU, the European Union’s plan to strengthen Europe’s energy autonomy, and will produce enough green energy to power the equivalent of 1 million households for a year.

      Sector: Renewable energy
      Loan amount: €1 billion


    Quantum Systems gives lift to next-generation drones

    We are helping Quantum Systems develop new capabilities in autonomous flight and artificial intelligence. The German company’s new drone technology can be used for both civilian and security purposes. It can be deployed for surveillance or in search and rescue operations after a disaster. It can also be used for smart farming, surveying work for large construction sites and automated railway inspection

      Sector:  Innovation
      Loan amount: €10 million


    Connecting France and Ireland for cheaper, more sustainable electricity

    The Celtic Interconnector will support climate action and energy security in Europe by connecting France and Ireland’s electrical grids. This will allow the two countries to import and export enough electricity to power 450,000 homes. It will also expand access to renewable energy and promote the flow of electricity in Europe, driving down costs.

      Sector: Energy security
      Loan amount: €800 million


    A renewable link between Sicily, Sardinia and Italy's mainland 

    With the Tyrrhenian Link, Europe is taking a key step towards a renewable energy future. The submarine cable creates an electricity corridor in the Mediterranean. It will also improve capacity, enable reliable access to green energy, and ensure Europe’s energy security. 

      Sector: Renewable energy
      Loan amount: €1.9 billion 


    Cutting-edge Danish wind turbines drive change

    We are helping Vestas revolutionise renewable energy production and supply. The company’s ground-breaking technology will boost Europe's competitive edge on the international stage, while driving significant change. It takes us one step closer to a sustainable future. 

      Sector: Renewable energy
      Loan amount: €475 million


    Shoring up against coastal erosion in Romania

    With coastal erosion a growing threat around Europe, we are lending €97 million to co-finance a project with the European Commission to protect Romania’s Black Sea coast form erosion and floods, which have threatened local tourism and marine life.

      Sector:  Water
      Loan amount: €97 million


    PUNCH Group hits back at emissions with development of hydrogen tech

    Reducing our emissions through decarbonisation is critical to limiting the global temperature rise. We signed a €40 million finance agreement with the PUNCH Group – a leading innovative Belgian mid-cap – to support their research and development of hydrogen technology at their headquarters in Turin, Italy, and Strasbourg, France.

      Sector:  Innovation
      Loan amount: €40 million


    Northvolt’s electric car battery tech charges ahead

    With electrical vehicle production rising, so is the demand for the lithium-ion batteries that power them. We’re helping Swedish battery innovator Nothvolt expand its production capacity by supporting the construction of a new factory in the country’s northeastern town of Skellefteå.

      Sector:  Innovation
      Loan amount: $350 million


    Quantum computers speed up science and improve lives

    Quantum computing is the next big thing in tech, with experts projecting the market to hit $770 million by 2025. We support Finland’s IQM Quantum Computers with a €35 million loan through our European Guarantee Fund, a facility designed to help European businesses deal with the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Sector:  Innovation
      Loan amount: €35 million


    Targeted therapies fight cancer and tumours

    Ryvu Therapeutics, a Polish biotechnology company, offers hope for people struggling with life-threatening cancers. Thanks to our support, Ryvu has secured €22 million in financing to push its research forward. These novel drugs could save lives through genetic and molecular treatment.

      Sector: Health and life sciences 
      Loan amount: €22 million

    EIB Global is the arm of the European Investment Bank that works beyond the European Union. In 2022, we invested €10.8 billion in projects around the world help create stability, sustainable growth and fight climate change everywhere.


    The comfort of running water in Senegal

    Climate change makes Senegal’s water crisis worse. But there’s hope in the shape of a €64.5 million European Investment Bank loan, coupled with a €5.55 million EU grant. The financing brings drinking water, reservoirs for storage, and the extension of the water distribution network to the town of Saint-Louis in northern Senegal.

      Sector: Water supply
      Loan amount: €70 million


    New wind parks and a photovoltaic plant in Brazil

    To make Brazil's future sustainable, we joined forces with energy company Neoenergia to provide €200 million for renewables. This will build wind parks and solar power plants throughout northeast Brazil. The loan is an example of joint EU efforts under “Team Europe” and highlights our priorities in Latin America: sustainable, inclusive growth and climate action.

      Sector: Renewable energy 
      Loan amount: €200 million


    Robot farming to solve Serbia’s labour shortage

    Serbian farmers can look forward to a much-needed boost, thanks to a new robot from Coming Computer Engineering and the engineering faculty at the University of Niš. This cutting-edge machine is designed to overcome an agricultural labour shortage. We invested €200 million to modernise research facilities, making this innovative solution possible.

      Sector: Innovation
      Loan amount: €200 million


    EIB 360°: Pathways to the future

    From Europe’s first floating windfarm off the coast of Portugal’s Viano do Castelo to a new research station on the island of Antikythera in Greece, we take you on an immersive journey in our quest for climate solutions.

    Our impact

    Our investments in Europe and around the world change lives by providing millions with clean energy, safe drinking water and improved health services. In 2022, we invested in projects that will result it:

    31 300 GWh/year

    from renewable sources

    25.4 million people

    with safe drinking water

    150.4 million people

    with improved health services


    The European Investment Fund

    In 2022, the European Investment Fund (EIF) worked to make crucial financial support more accessible for 377 000 small businesses, individuals, and climate and infrastructure projects across the European continent.

    The €97 billion mobilised through the EIF’s €9 billion worth of commitments in 2022 will reach not only businesses struggling with the multitude of challenges we are all facing, but also the innovative entrepreneurs who are shaping tomorrow.

    Global investment map

    We have invested in thousands of companies and projects, both across the EU and beyond, since 1959. Find out how much we invested in your country, see our financing as a percentage of a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and filter the results by period and sector.

    The EIB Group Operational Plan 2022-2024 highlights

    We play a key role in Europe’s response to the economic downturn and health crisis, providing millions of euros in speedy support and advice to keep businesses alive, help hospitals care for the sick and provide vaccines around the world. The EIB Group Operational Plan 2022-2024 responds to an expected rebound of global economies as the recovery continues. It calls for maximising our impact through a gradual increase of riskier finance and advisory operations, new activities in the EIB Global branch, and a new focus on the changing needs of our staff.

    Other highlights from the plan include:

    • More help for Ukraine and a focus on EU autonomy after Russian invasion
    • Transition from fossil fuels and support for regions that depend on coal and oil
    • Riskier green and digital investments
    • More development worldwide through EIB Global
    • New priorities for advisory assistance, innovation and technology
    • Increased loans to small companies in climate action and sustainability