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    Overseeing all aspects of your teams’ activities, you will align skills to assignments, evaluate and address development needs, build effective matrix structures and, above all, define policies at a high level.


    Where our integrity or our decision-making is questioned, you will make certain that any complaints are fully investigated. Verifying compliance with EIB policy and procedures, you will engage with all relevant internal and external stakeholders and report on the findings, presenting conclusions and remedial actions. You will also provide advice to senior management on broad and systemic issues, following up with corrective actions and recommendations.

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

    We are determined that everything we do should be for the betterment of Europe and should contribute to the development of more cohesive societies. You will help us make this happen as you oversee all aspects of our CSR activity.

    Data governance

    Ensuring the highest quality of data across the bank, you will focus on the availability, usability, consistency, integrity and security of our information. In this way, you will make certain that all investment decisions we take are fully informed and carefully judged.


    Ensuring that everything we do is fit for purpose and compliant with evolving best practice, you will actively analyse the performance of key projects, policies, programmes and partnerships. You will be part of an independent function and will highlight best practices as well as areas for improvement and provide a measure of the performance of the Bank against expected objectives, improving operational performance, accountability and transparency.

    Governing bodies

    Contributing to our broader governance, you will scrutinise all our activities to ensure that we are demonstrating the highest standards of integrity, implementing and monitoring the decision-making processes of the Bank.

    Strategy and policy

    Enhancing institutional relations with Member States, the EU and other International Financial Institutions (IFIs), and enhancing coordination across the Bank’s directorates, you will actively participate in the development of the Bank’s strategy in close collaboration with the offices of the Secretary General and the President, to receive priorities and set strategic orientations.

    Work for the world’s largest multilateral development bank

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