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    Leading a team of highly expert staff, making recommendations based on their specialist knowledge, you will help us make decisions so we continue to deliver on our mission.

    Sector Economics

    Your knowledge of economic events and developments in your sector, and of established analytical models, will enable you to assess the social, and environmental impact of proposed projects and to ensure they are in line with our mission. You will also produce sector and policy papers, which will contribute to the Bank’s formulation of operational strategy in your sector.

    Macro Economics

    Our Economics Department provides high quality economic analysis and studies to support and influence the Bank in its operations and in the definition of its positioning, strategy and policy.

    • Working in our Country and Financial Sector Analysis team, you are a regional expert, conducting and managing in-depth assessments, microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis, and round-table events, for your region of responsibility. You are the reference person for your region, both inside and outside the Bank, and have a coordination role in special focus areas, for example sovereign ratings, financial sector rating, Fair Value Accounting (FVA), local currency lending and pricing.
    • Working within Economic Studies, your focus is on specific topics, as you conduct and manage in-depth assessments for Bank priority areas, such as infrastructure finance, Research and Development (R&D), access to finance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), and employment, acting as the reference person for these topics, both internally and externally.
    • As an expert in our Policy and Strategy team, you apply economic analysis to support internal strategy formulation and external policy dialogue. As such, you help place EIB intervention within the relevant European and international economic policy debates, again acting as a reference person with both internal and external counterparts in this area.

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