6 ways we help regions and cities across the EU

6 ways we help regions and cities across the EU

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Regions and cities are facing big challenges to stimulate the economy and improve their citizens’ quality of life. The EIB Group responds to these needs by supporting investments in social housing, education, small businesses or post-disaster recovery, among many others.

What type of support do we provide? Who can benefit? And what difference does it make? Explore the resources below, part of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) coordinated by the European Committee of Regions.

Social housing: A home for everyone

Did you know that housing costs around 25% of European citizens’ budget? Our urban development expert Barbara Lemke explains how the EIB prioritises investments in social and affordable housing throughout Europe.

Download the video transcript.

Investing in education

Investing in educationThere is a clear case for investment in education in Europe. Today’s students will develop tomorrow’s innovations. As the EU bank, our financing enables cities and regions to bridge the gap between education needs and tight public resources. Discover how in this factsheet.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Video: Expert interviews

Video: Expert interviews

70% of the European workforce is employed by small and medium-sized enterprises. This accounts for 90 million people, or the combined population of Germany and Denmark! Watch our experts Nina van Doren and Helmut Kraemer-Eis explain how the EIB Group supports SMEs.
Download the transcript.

 SMEs video animation

Video animation

Discover in this video animation the main EIB Group products to facilitate access to finance for small businesses. Our offer (loans, guarantees and equity) help SMEs all over Europe benefit from favourable conditions through our network of over 1 000 local partner banks.
Download the transcript.



Smaller businesses are often referred to as “the backbone of the EU economy”. Supporting them is a top priority for European, national, regional and local authorities. The EIB Group provides targeted support to SMEs at any stage of their development.

How to make the most of EFSI

How to make the most of EFSI (factsheet)If someone were to offer you EUR 500 billion to tackle the biggest challenges our continent faces, how would you spend the money? Through the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), part of the Investment Plan for Europe, the EIB Group is helping get Europe back on track after years of financial and economic hardship.
Find more in our factsheet.

Build back better: Post-disaster recovery

When a natural disaster strikes (earthquake, flood...), it puts people's lives, the natural environment and the economy at risk. As part of our integrated territorial approach, the EU bank supports European regions in their risk prevention and reconstruction efforts. Here are some examples.

Download the transcript.

Boosting urban development projects

Boosting urban development projectsThe array of EU financing and advisory programmes available to cities is so wide that finding the best solution for their needs can become a challenge.

URBIS, a new urban advisory platform created by the European Commission and the EIB, has been set up to help urban authorities access tailor-made solutions and accelerate their urban investment projects. Find more detailed information on URBIS in our factsheet or watch the Twitter Facebook live with our expert Patricia Llopis.

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