Today, the EIB’s Board of Directors approved loans worth up to EUR 2.6 billion for the benefit of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) and mid-cap companies (up to 3000 employees) in the European Union. This brings total EIB support for European SMEs and mid-caps approved so far in 2013 to some EUR 12 billion compared to EUR 7.3 billion in the same period of 2012.

EIB President Werner Hoyer stated: “The positive development of our support for European SMEs and midcap companies underlines our strong commitment to contributing to the creation of jobs and growth in the EU. We will stay focused on this target and will continue to adapt our instruments to market needs .”

The EIB continues to put strong emphasis on its other priority areas. In the field of innovation, the Board gave the go-ahead for projects worth up to EUR 800 million in order to strengthen the competitiveness of European business.

The Board also approved new loans worth up to EUR 1.65 billion to promote strategic infrastructure in Europe as well as some EUR 1.7 billion to support resource efficiency projects.