• European Investment Bank Group and Council of Europe Development Bank host Multilateral Development Bank Private Sector Integrity Meeting 2023
  • Compliance experts discuss implementation of international sanctions, cyber security and digitization

Financing and compliance experts from more than 20 multilateral development banks from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe met in Luxembourg to share best practice and enhance understanding of how to strengthen ethical private sector financing.

As in previous years, the Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) Private Sector Integrity Meeting 2023 brought together distinguished and experienced representatives from multilateral development banks (MDBs)to engage in open discussions on how to strengthen compliance and integrity functions in these institutions across their respective regions of operation.

The two-day meeting held at the European Investment Bank’s Luxembourg headquarters also focused on effective implementation of international sanctions and address new cybersecurity and digitalisation challenges and opportunities.

"The European Investment Bank Group recognises the instrumental role played by the private sector in sustainable development and the crucial need to ensure that private sector financing follows the highest ethical and compliance standards in an ever changing financial and geopolitical environment. We are pleased to hold this year’s Multilateral Development Bank Private Sector Integrity Meeting that provides a timely opportunity for global financial leaders to strengthen compliance, share their diverse experience and together further enhance financial integrity." said Gelsomina Vigliotti, Vice President of the European Investment Bank and Chair of the European Investment Fund.

"The Council of Europe Development Bank is proud to co-host this event, which underscores our commitment to promoting integrity, good corporate governance and high ethical standards in our projects. This meeting provides a unique platform for uniting multilateral development banks to address complex compliance challenges and advance responsible business conduct globally", said Sandrine Gaudin, Vice Governor for Financial Strategy, Council of Europe Development Bank.

Strengthening compliance best practice to enhance integrity across the private sector financing worldwide

With integrity standards in the private sector under scrutiny, the Multilateral Development Bank Private Sector Integrity Meeting 2023 enabled international financial institutions to strengthen their collaboration and support for financing private sector investment around the world.

Discussions helped to better identify, assess, and mitigate unique risks and integrity issues that can hinder private sector financing. The meeting also shared compliance and integrity best practice to strengthen safeguards against corrupt practices and money laundering.

International sanctions, their relevance, and the need for change

In an era of complex geopolitical dynamics, delegates engaged in in-depth conversations surrounding international sanctions linked to the war in Ukraine. The discussions provided clarity and insights into navigating compliance amid evolving international relations.

Digitalization of Compliance

As technology reshapes industries, this year’s MDB Private Sector Integrity Meeting provided an update into the digitalization of compliance processes. Speakers and attendees explored the potential of technology to enhance transparency, streamline operations, and manage integrity risks effectively.

The Vital Role of Cybersecurity

The meeting brought together cybersecurity and compliance experts to improve practical understanding on how robust cybersecurity measures can better preserve both data integrity and regulatory adherence.

Compliance Challenges for Political Exposed Persons and Beneficial Ownership

A significant focus also examined compliance challenges associated with Political Exposed Persons and the complexities of beneficial ownership through examining practical solutions and sharing best practices.

Background information

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