The European Investment Bank (EIB) lends EUR 50 million for the completion of the D1 Motorway linking Bratislava to Zilina. This section is part of Trans-European Transport Corridor No. V connecting Vienna and the Slovak Capital to Gdansk in Poland.

Motorway connection between Bratislava and Zilina plays a crucial role for the development of Central and Northern Slovakia. It is a part of the future motorway to Koaice (Eastern Slovakia), a key infrastructure for the whole country. This section, in particular, is contributing to reinforcing foreign direct investment in the region, notably with the construction and operation of the automotive production plant of Kia in Zilina, a significant industrial investment for the country and the region. EIB funds will enable to complete the project's financing plan and to quick-start its implementation until the EU Cohesion Funds, which will be co-financing the project, are available.

The EIB loan will finance the construction of a new 9.6 km motorway section between Sverepec and Vrtizer (Northwest Slovakia). It will be provided to the Slovak Ministry of Finance and the project will be promoted by Slovak National Motorway Company, a joint stock company owned by the Slovak Government and operating under the Ministry of Transport. This company is responsible for the management, maintenance, and investment into the Slovak motorway and expressway network.

Financing projects contributing to the social and economic cohesion in the EU is the key activity of the EIB. The development of transport infrastructure is important for Slovakia, so as to reduce the differences in the uneven regional development in the country, where the West of Slovakia - the region of Bratislava exceeds the EU average in GDP per capita while the eastern parts of the country reach some 30 % of this value.

Since 1990, the EIB has provided approximately EUR 2 billion for projects in Slovakia of which some 30% were loans for the implementation of projects supporting the development and modernisation of the Slovak transport network. Examples include: the construction of the Apollo Bridge over the Danube River in Bratislava, upgrading of track, rolling stock and telecommunications for the Slovak national railways and the Slovak Motorway and Expressway Programme that covers also the completion of the D1 motorway as well as other important sections of the Slovak motorway and high speed roads.