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    European Excellence Award winner 2020: Sustainability & Environment

    2021 In2 SABRE Award winner Social Media & Community Management: Best Use of Social Publishing / Blogs

    2020 SABRE Award nominee for Digital and social media marketing communications: Government agency

    2022 Digital Communications Award nominee: Digital publishing (Blog, podcast, magazine, newsroom)

    Climate change is humanity’s biggest problem. The Climate Solutions podcast tells you exactly what you can do to fight climate change. From the way you heat your home to the food you eat and the digital devices you use, Climate Solutions is your checklist for climate action.

    Climate Solutions" is also available as an e-book.

    Climate Solutions is the award-winning podcast from the European Investment Bank. We know that stopping climate change is going to be very expensive. We’ll need to build more wind and solar farms. We’ll need to renovate buildings and electrify cars. We’ll need new technologies we haven’t even thought of yet. This is why we need green finance. And it’s why you should subscribe to the new season of Climate solutions: A dictionary of green finance.

    Listen to Climate Solutions’ award-winning first season for a checklist of things you can do to stop climate change, from your dinner plate to your digital devices, or listen to our second season to find out what 30 000 people across Europe, the US and China say they would give up to solve the climate crisis.


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