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The European Investment Bank hosted the first full workshop of the European Network for Research on Investment (ENRI) on 9 April 2018 at the EIB headquarters in Luxembourg.

Following initial discussions in November 2017, the EIB is working with a broad group of International Institutions, European Institutions and Member State central banks, to create this research network. The aim is to bridge gaps in our knowledge on investment in Europe and to identify unexploited synergies in research efforts.

The workshop on April 9 was the first full-day technical meeting. It was structured around four thematic sessions on infrastructure investment; firm finance; RDI and intangible investment; and public policies for productive investment. Key academics in the field lead the discussion of the papers presented in each panel.

As part of ENRI, the EIB will create a permanent online platform for sharing expertise, knowledge, data and research on investment and investment finance in Europe. While the aim of the Network and its online platform is to focus on research output, as well as more and better coordination among researchers from the various policy institutions, it will facilitate the development of stronger policy messages on issues related to investment and investment finance.

For the details of the panel sessions and the topics of research papers, please revert to the programme below, and the attached presentations.