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    Around 2,800 visitors from 110 countries and 220 exhibitors will attend this year’s Carbon Expo (30 May – 1 June). This is the leading global fair and conference for emissions trading, carbon abatement solutions and clean technologies.

    As in previous years, the EIB will be an active participant at the event as carbon finance initiatives form an integral part of the EIB’s response to the challenges raised by climate change. The overarching goal of EIB initiatives in the field is to reinforce the depth and breadth of carbon markets as a cornerstone of EU Climate Action policy.

    The EIB is organising a side event on the NER300 initiative, the world’s largest funding programme for carbon capture and storage projects and innovative renewable energy technologies. Together with market players, analysts and the European Commission, the EIB will share experience on the EU ETS Allowance selling programme. The EIB supports the European Commission as an agent in the implementation of the NER300 initiative by means of project finance appraisal and monetisation of the 300 million EUAs.

    Additional information on Carbon Expo 2012 is available at