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    During this year’s European Economic Congress held in Katowice, Poland, delegates of the European Investment Bank will participate in various panel sessions. The EIB will also organise a panel discussion dedicated to the Investment Plan for Europe.

    Recent studies have revealed an investment gap in Europe: with investment levels of 15% lower than pre-crisis levels, the situation needs to be analysed and re-assessed. This investment gap points to a market failure and a reduced capacity of investors to take risks. In order to remedy this investment gap, to recover from the crisis and to strengthen its global competitiveness, the European Union developed a three pronged strategy known as the Investment Plan for Europe.

    Under the EFSI, with EUR 16 billion guarantee from the European Commission and EUR 5 billion from EIB’s  own resources, the EIB can take on more risk and support not only more projects but also smaller projects hence unlocking often higher-risk investments. 

    The format of the EIB panel session will be an open discussion on the new financial instruments that are available to corporates to support their growth and investments. Panelists will focus on topics such as quasi-equity, subordinated debt, mezzanine, bond structures and senior loans. We are open to suggestions from panelists regarding their speaking points. The discussion will be preceded by a short EIB presentation and introduction to the Investment Plan for Europe.

    Speakers on this panel session will include a delegate from the European Investment Bank, finance executives from different types of top Polish corporates as well as renowned financial advisory and the national development bank, private equity and/or mezzanine fund i.a. BGK, Tauron SA, ZF Polpharma SA, Cyfrowy Polsat SA, KPMG Advisory, Enterprise Investors.

    All participants to the EEC are welcome to attend the panel session. Participation to the congress is free of charge but necessitates prior online registration. To register or to consult the full agenda of the Congress:

    For more information on or if you wish to receive an invitation for the EIB panel session, please send an email to mentioning ‘EEC Katowice’ in the subject line.