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    jun 2008
    Taschenbergpalais - Kempinski Hotel

    The European Investment Bank has made the long-term financing of investment aimed at combating climate change one of its priorities. In the past year alone, it has provided loans worth EUR 8 billion for this purpose, including EUR 2 billion for renewable energies.

    At the Dresden conference, experts will talk about the necessary investment to achieve the German Government's climate change mitigation targets within the European Union's overall targets. They will discuss in particular:

    • Investment needs to ensure a sustainable energy supply and use
    • Investing in increased energy efficiency
    • Investing in energy grids to adapt them to a changed energy mix
    • Financing possibilities offered by the European Investment Bank

    The State Secretary in the German Environment Ministry, Michael Müller, and the Chief Executive of the German Energy Agency, Stephan Kohler, will be the keynote speakers, and EIB Vice-President Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen will present the financing possibilities offered by the European Investment Bank.