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    This year's central theme is "Biodiversity is life", with a focus on four main components of our endeavour to halt biodiversity loss: biodiversity as a global issue, the management of natural resources, space for nature, and biodiversity and society.

    Green Week aims to provide an opportunity for exchange of experience and best practice among non-governmental organisations, businesses, various levels of governance and the public. It consists of a range of conferences, round tables, etc. as well as an exhibition, including a stand from the EIB.

    As the EU's long term financing institution, EIB's operations are driven by EU policies and objectives. Accordingly, protecting and improving the environment ranks among the Bank's top priorities.

    The EIB recognises the significance of biodiversity, as defined in the Convention on Biological Diversity, in its own right and as a source of economic and social value, and is committed to a coordinated approach to the protection, conservation and enhancement of nature. The EIB's approach to biodiversity is based on implementing the principles and practices of EU Nature Conservation Policy, enshrined in the Habitats and the Birds Directives, and "Natura 2000", as a party to the Convention. This policy is reaffirmed in the EIB Environmental Statement 2004 and the Operational Strategy.

    Publications and information about the Bank's environmental activities are available at the EIB stand (N° 62).

    For more information visit the Green Week website