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    The EIB-University Action Programme hosted a session on "Modelling Cities and Urban Dynamics" as part of the 24th ERSA Summer School 2011 organised by the University of Luxembourg, on July 11, 2011 at the EIB-headquarters in Luxembourg. The session was very well attended, with participants not only from European universities, but from America and Asia, the EIB and the European Regional Science Association (ERSA).

    Participants had a general presentation on the EIB Group and Luisa Ferreira, Coordinator of the EIB-Universities Research Action Programme, presented the Bank's various activities aimed at promoting higher education. Brian Field's presentation on "Urban Project Appraisal for EIB Lending Operations" was followed by Gianni Carbonaro’s (JESSICA and Investment Funds) presentation on "JESSICA Instruments and Modelling for Urban Asset Management". The Dortmund Technical University, recipient of the EIBURS sponsorship on "Urban Development Funds in Europe: Opportunities, Structures, Operations" was represented by Dominique Schaeling who made a presentation on the EIBURS research work programme.

    The various presentations made by ERSA Students on the topic "Applying Urban Modelling: Emerging Research Themes" included "The Validity of the Monocentric City Model in a Polycentric Age: US Metropolitan Areas in 1990 and 2000" (presentation by Daniel Arribas-Bel, Arizona State University), "Land Value Capture as Fiscal Tool for Financing Public Transport Systems: the Estonian Case Study" (presentation by Luca Cocconcelli, University College London, former recipient of a STAREBEI sponsorship), "City Structure and Policy Competition" (presentation by Michiel Gerritse, Free University of Amsterdam), "Hedonic Model of Property Prices in Luxembourg: A Spatial Quantile Regression Approach" (presentation by Marie-Line Glaesener, University of Luxembourg), and "A Spatial Computable General Equilibrium Model for London and Surrounding Regions" (presentation by Jie Zhu, University of Cambridge).