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    jun 2017
    Czech National Bank’s Commodity Exchange (Plodinová burza) building, Senovážné nám. 30.
    Czech Republic

    With the aim of gaining a better understanding of investment needs and market gaps, the European Investment Bank is organising high level country debates to discuss specific country issues relating to investment and access to finance. The Czech event, jointly organised by the Czech National Bank and the European Investment Bank, was an excellent opportunity to gather leading experts and practitioners for discussion as well as a good platform to understand how the EIB can increase its effectiveness in operating in the Czech Republic.

    Investment activity in the Czech Republic is generally linked to external (euro area) demand, and most recently also to fiscal policy, and drawdowns of EU structural funds. Low interest rates environment and strong domestic demand has been supporting investment in dwellings. R&D and machinery investment have been picking up and they have fully recovered from the crisis years. Non-financial companies’ investment also almost fully recovered from the crisis years. But what is beneath this general macroeconomic picture? The EIB Investment Survey points to high and expanding investment in the Czech Republic. The survey’s results will try to shed some light on questions related to investment areas, investment gaps, quality of capital stock, innovation, investment activity of foreign-owned firms, investment obstacles and investment finance in the Czech economy – in a granular manner looking at different sectors and firm size.

    See the attached conference program below.