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    Washington DC
    may 2016
    Washington DC
    United States

    Climate change is the defining issue of our age. The landmark Paris Agreement was reached just four months ago and committed all countries to holding the global temperature rise to “well below 2 degrees Celsius”.  This feat requires economy-wide global and national transformations to work towards a more sustainable future for all. In April 2016, leaders from across the globe gathered to formally sign the Paris Agreement marking a new chapter in working together on climate.

    The Climate Action 2016 Summit is putting this into action by gathering together 700 representatives from government, business, finance, academia, philanthropy, academia and civil society. The two day summit looks to strengthen these collaborations ensuring climate action is more effective and sustainable and will provide a launching pad for climate implementation in the pre-2020 period.  A series of sessions will take place on how to deliver on climate commitments and embed the transformation agenda in government, key sectors and the general population globally. Questions about the future of the climate action and how this can be implemented across sectors and the economy will be discussed.  

    Jonathon Taylor, EIB Vice President responsible for climate and the environment, will be moderating a breakfast event on 6 May; Catalyzing Climate Finance: From Paris to Action. This breakfast panel event is co-hosted by the EIB and the Inter-American Development Bank and will bring together a high level group of decision makers, from the public and private sectors. Discussions will focus on how governments and companies are increasingly mainstreaming  climate considerations into all their operations and the role blended finance can play to increase the available finance to tackle climate change and overcome funding barriers to green projects.

    The Climate Summit is hosted by a group of seven organisations, including the UN and World Bank Group. To find out more about the event and how you can be a part of creating a sustainable future for all then visit the summit website or follow the EIB’s coverage on Twitter/Facebook.