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    The annual Board of Governors meeting took place on Tuesday 8 June in Luxembourg.

    EIB President Philippe Maystadt reported to the Board of Governors on the Bank's activities in 2009, its anti-crisis measures and proposed future activities to support economic recovery.

    The EIB's Board of Governors consists of the Finance or Treasury Ministers from the 27 EU Member States - the Bank's shareholders.

    In application of the Bank’s transparency policy, on 05/01/2011 the Board of Governors decided to publish the agenda of their annual meetings and a summary of the decisions taken.

    The procedure employed is the same as for the meetings of the Board of Directors:

    • the meeting agenda consisting of a simplified and adapted version of the list of items to be examined. The agenda is published at least four days before the meeting;
    • the summary of the decisions taken is published within ten working days after the meeting;

    This decision has been applied retroactively to the documents relating to the 2010 meeting, which were published on 7 February 2011.