Rome, Italy

In accordance with its Rules of Procedure, the EIB convenes its Board of Directors at least six times a year. In line with its transparency policy, the Bank publishes:

  • the meeting agenda consisting of a simplified and adapted version of the list of projects to be examined. The agenda is published as from four days before the meeting;
  • the provisional summary of the decisions taken, along with the list of conflicts of interest declared by the participants with respect to a project to be financed. The summary is published within ten working days after the meeting;

Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest recorded during this session:

    • project "CGD II Loan for SMEs PT" (Portugal), P.Machado
    • project "Finlombarda Loan for SMEs, Mid-Caps and other Priorities" (Italy), C.Monticelli
    • project "Yoox E-commerce Platform" (Italy), C.Monticelli