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    The EIB is supporting SMEs in Moldova since 2008 by providing finance and expertise for sound and sustainable investment projects in the Eastern Neighbourhood.

    Now, more than ever, it is key to support the agricultural sector in the Eastern Neighbourhood to ensure food production and food security.

    Discover through this video series how the EIB supports Moldovan farmers through the Fruit Garden of Moldova project, in order to expand their production.

    Anna modernises her vineyard

    Meet Anna, a farmer in Moldova who owns 3 hectares of vineyards. Thanks to the EIB's support, Anna found financial means to modernise her vineyard with a pergola support system.


    Igor expands his farm

    Meet Igor! He was able to employ more people on his farm and launch a new range of products, such as natural juices, vegan milk and dried fruit. Thanks to the EIB's support, Igor is optimistic about what the future holds for him and his farm.


    Ecaterina creates new jobs on her farm

    In this video, Ecaterina explains how she planted a vineyard on 21 hectares and created eight permanent jobs on her farm through our support.


    Moldova and the EIB

    The EIB has worked with Moldova since 2008. 

    The Bank provides financing to key sectors, including small businesses, transport and the management of water and energy. 

    We are also collaborating with Moldova to expand and upgrade its infrastructure.

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