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    For the first time numerous international financial institutions have come together to show the action we are taking to help the world deal with climate change.

    Collectively we invest billions of euros in climate solutions across the globe.

    In 2021, the European Investment Bank alone committed over €27 billion to climate finance and environmental sustainability.

    This video, produced among others by the European Investment Bank, the African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, the Council of Europe Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the New Development Bank, the Nordic Investment Bank and the World Bank Group, shows projects around the world where our investment is making a real and sustainable difference to people’s lives.  

    Watch now to learn about coral reef restoration, flood resilience, green transport and solar power from those who are benefitting from our work.

    We are #InvestingForAGreenerWorld