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    Héctor Valdez, a dedicated farmer in Dajabon, Dominican Republic, raises cattle for milk and meat production. For years, he struggled with recurring droughts that would stretch on for six to seven challenging months. To combat this pressing issue, Hector previously relied on water pumps that draw water from a nearby lake into a reservoir that helped irrigate his farm. However, this solution came at a high cost and was far from environmentally friendly, as it depended on gasoline to operate.

    In 2021, Héctor discovered a more sustainable solution. Thanks to financing secured through the Banfondesa Renovable green credit line, supported by the European Investment Bank, he installed a solar-powered water pump. Now, as soon as the sun rises, the pump is powered and supplies his farm with water. This transformative solution not only eases Hector's daily life but has also significantly increased his agricultural yields. Banfondesa Renovable is the result of an EIB Technical Assistance programme.

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