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    In 2019 the EIB Board of Directors approved a new set of ambitious targets for climate action and environmental sustainability. The three key elements are:

    • The EIB Group will support €1 trillion of investments in climate action and environmental sustainability in the critical decade from 2021 to 2030;
    • The EIB will gradually increase the share of its financing dedicated to climate action and environmental sustainability to exceed 50% of its operations in 2025;
    • The EIB Group will align all its financing activities with the principles and goals of the Paris agreement by the end of 2020.

    The EIB Group has created a Climate and Environment Advisory Council, consisting of leaders from academia, business, civil society and international organisations. The Advisory Council will provide independent advice and expertise on the activities that the EIB Group is carrying out to reach its climate action and environmental sustainability ambitions. Among the topics covered, focus will be on the Climate Bank Roadmap and on our activities to support adaptation to the impacts of climate change, as well as the EIB Group Paris Alignment for Counterparties framework. Find out more.

    A plan for the future of the planet

    The EIB Group Climate Bank Roadmap 2021-2025 will guide our ambition. It is the result of various rounds of engagement with civil society and other stakeholders.

    The Roadmap outlines our bold ambitions for climate finance to back the European Green Deal and make Europe carbon-neutral. It maps the next stages in the journey to sustainable investment and provides a framework to counter climate change and protect the environment during the critical decade ahead.

      Download the Climate Bank Roadmap

      Read the blog article about our Climate Bank Roadmap, outlining our bold ambitions for climate finance to back the European Green Deal and make Europe carbon-neutral

      More on the stakeholder engagement


    Implementing our climate ambition in Europe and beyond

    It is essential to retrain workers and create new jobs in areas where coal mines and CO₂-intensive activities have historically been a major source of employment and economic activity. Although we expect the green transition to create around 500 000 jobs in Europe by 2050, we are working hard to ensure that our financing contributes to a just transition for those regions or countries most affected, so that no one is left behind in the fight against climate change.

    In 2015, the EIB committed to increase its climate lending to 35% of its total investment in developing countries by 2020. The EIB Group applies the same environmental and social standards to evaluate projects inside and outside the European Union.

    Key publications

    Key areas

    The EIB is the EU’s climate bank and one of the world’s main financiers of climate action

    Our lending is aligned with the Paris Agreement and promotes adaptation, mitigation and environmental sustainability

    We carefully check that our projects meet our environmental and social principles and standards and conform with our corporate responsibility commitments

    We work with many parts of the public and private sectors to increase investment in projects that help the climate and environment