We have now witnessed 100 days of fearless resistance by the Ukrainian people in the face of unprovoked Russian military aggression. Every Ukrainian behaves like a true hero. Our support must be unwavering. We must stand by their side throughout and after the war, when Ukraine looks towards recovery and rebuilding its future. I’m very proud that just weeks after this invasion we managed to rapidly deploy €668 million to the Ukrainian government for urgent liquidity needs, with a further €1.5 billion of investment to come for rebuilding what the Russian army destroys. A €2.5 million humanitarian aid package coordinated by the EIB Institute is directly helping people affected by the war. And those who have been driven from their homes by the violence will be supported with a €4 billion support package to help them and the local communities of EU Member States who have provided them homes and shelter. As the EU bank, we remain unshakable - we have stood and will stand with Ukraine, committed to the nation’s welfare and reconstruction.

The EIB stands with Ukraine