The EIB’s fi-compass seminar series is underway in cooperation with the European Commission. Participants have already noted very positive feedback from the first round of these events. High satisfaction levels reported by seminar delegates underline the events’ ability to provide useful advice for a wide range of public and private sector partners involved in ESIF financial instruments.

Each seminar is specially designed for its audience.  The presentations include guidance from the EIB and European Commission about essential technical matters for financial instruments. Other information features case study advice from people who have been involved in design and implementation phases for different types of loan and microcredit facilities, guarantee funds, equity and venture capital.

Participants highlight how the knowledge and networking sessions have been especially useful.  They report that these seminar sessions have given them new ideas about the way that ESIF financial instruments can be managed. Delegates are also finding the opportunity to talk to experienced practitioners from the EIB, European Commission and other ESIF experts very valuable.

The fi-compass seminar series will continue during 2015 and into 2016. Some 25 Member States are being covered and the fi-compass website’s event calendar can help you find an event near you. Also available is a short video snapshot from a recent fi-compass event from Paris that gives you a quick taster for our seminar series.

Further information from recent fi-compass events (including speakers’ presentations and more video recordings) is available from the fi-compass website’s past events pages.