The European Investment Bank today published a report detailing the sales during March on EU carbon allowances under the NER300 initiative to raise funding for carbon capture and storage demonstration projects and innovative renewable energy technologies. During the month, EIB sold 21,600,000 EU allowances for a total value of EUR 182,114,730 (before deduction of expenses and market and EIB fees).

This brings the total volume of EU allowances sold so far under the NER300 initiative to 78,600,000 with a total value of EUR 670,641,230.

As announced in the EIB’s press release on March 22nd, membership of the two selected carbon exchanges (European Energy Exchange and ICE Futures Europe) and their respective clearinghouses (European Commodity Clearing and ICE Clear Europe) has been obtained. This enabled the Bank to start two additional distribution channels (OTC exchange-cleared transactions and direct screen trades) at the end of the month. The March sales report can be found on the EIB’s NER300 website.

The next monthly report will be published on Wednesday 8 May 2012 shortly after 6 p.m. CET.