Mr Kikis Kazamias has been appointed Minister of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus on 5 August 2011, succeeding Mr Charilaos Stavrakis. He also becomes EIB Governor for the Republic of Cyprus.

Born in 1951 in the district of Famagusta in Cyprus, he holds a degree in International Trade and International Economic Relations from the Berlin School of Economics, Germany.

From 2004 to 2010, he was a member of the European Court of Auditors. Previously to that, he was Minister of Communications and Public Works from 2003 to 2004. During his term as Minister, he participated actively in all European Union ministerial meetings on Development, Transport, Shipping and Telecommunications.

Elected twice under the banner of the AKEL Party, he served for ten years (1991-2001) as a member of the House of Representatives of Cyprus. There, he was a member of Parliamentary Committees on Financial and Budgetary Affairs, on Trade, Industry and Tourism and on Communications and Works.

From 1977 to 2004, he was General Executive Manager of the Limassol Cooperative Savings Bank, the largest financial cooperative in Cyprus.