In its conclusions from the 2014-2020 EU Multiannual Financial Framework budget negotiations, the European Council concluded that “EIB involvement should be enhanced” in support of EU spending plans. In particular, the heads of state and government called for us to take an expanded advisory role. They want us to be involved early in the planning of EU-funded projects in order to maximise financial and organisational synergies.

The Council recommended using our technical assistance expertise “wherever appropriate” and that we should have increased involvement in appraising certain large projects. EIB expertise is already blended with EU resources in order to maximise support for projects. EU leaders are seeking to build upon this.

Here is the European Council statement in full:

"Improved and increased EIB involvement

The EIB is already supporting growth considerably e.g. by providing loans to Member States which otherwise could not provide co-financing for structural funds or by implementing joint financial instruments. EIB involvement should be enhanced by:

  1. involving EIB expertise early in projects co-financed by EU and EIB;
  2. ensuring that EIB is informed about projects receiving EU support;
  3. involving the EIB in the ex-ante appraisal of large projects including through JASPERS;
  4. involving the EIB wherever appropriate in activities related to technical assistance."