The EIB Board of Directors has approved the revised EIB Anti-Fraud Policy, which is supplemented by revised EIB Investigation Procedures.

The EIB's Anti-Fraud Policy was prepared in 2007-08 by the Inspector General's Fraud Investigation Division following an extensive process of: (a) internal consultation with Bank Services; and (b) two rounds of external consultations with stakeholders (including NGOs and OLAF). That Policy was approved by the Board of Directors in April 2008.

The new version of the Policy includes no major changes to the principles and reiterates the zero tolerance approach that EIB will adopt.

The revised Policy has been simplified and aligned with other EIB policies and documents.  The Policy has also been updated to reflect new anti-fraud instruments developed by the Bank since 2008. These include:

  1. The Whistleblowing Policy;
  2. EIB's Guide to Procurement;
  3. Proactive integrity reviews;
  4. The Exclusion Procedures; and
  5. Specific language concerning data protection.

An Outreach Event for discussion of the revised Policy with external stakeholders was held in Brussels on March 20, 2013.  Over 20 parties including business, NGOs and EU Institutions attended.