Lilyana Pavlova is the new Vice-President and Member of the Management Committee of the European Investment Bank (EIB). She took up her duties on the 1st of November. She is the first Bulgarian national to join the EU bank's Management Committee.

Mrs Pavlova was appointed by the EIB’s Board of Governors at the proposal of the Finance Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria and with the agreement of the constituency of EIB shareholders composed of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. She succeeds Mr Vazil Hudák, whose mandate as Vice-President of the EIB terminated at the end of October.

Prior to her appointment, Lilyana Pavlova  held various public functions in Bulgaria, both in government and parliament. She has been Member of the Bulgarian Government since 2009, starting as a Deputy Minister and then twice as Minister of Regional Development and Public Works (2011-2013 and 2014-2017), the first woman to hold this function in Bulgaria.

From May 2017 to December 2018, she was Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2018, the first time that the country held the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU. As such, she was responsible for the preparatory phase and the running of the Bulgarian Presidency, establishing the national programme and priorities, policy coordination, as well as relations with EU institutions.

She was a Member of Parliament in 2013 and most recently, since January 2019, where she was a Member of the Parliamentary Permanent Committee on EU Affairs and Control of EU Funds and the Committee on Legal Affairs.

Lilyana Pavlova is a Doctor of Economics and holds a Master of Public Administration and European Integration and a Bachelor in International Economic Relations.

Upon joining the EIB, Lilyana Pavlova said: “I am pleased to join the EU bank and to be part of an institution that fosters investments for a sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe and beyond. The EIB is a key multilateral institution, on which all EU Member States rely to make a difference in terms of investments and quality of projects financed. The competitiveness, cohesion and long-term sustainability of the European economy benefit significantly from the EIB and I am delighted to be able to contribute to this success story. The motto of the first-ever Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2018 was "United We Stand Strong" and I believe this motto can apply to the EU bank as well”.

The Management Committee is the EIB’s permanent collegiate executive body, consisting of a President and eight Vice-Presidents. The Board of Governors – the Finance Ministers of the 28 EU Member States - appoints the members of the Management Committee.

Under the authority of Werner Hoyer, President of the EIB, the Management Committee collectively oversees the day-to-day running of the EIB as well as preparing and ensuring the implementation of the Board of Directors' decisions.